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Aytas Akin was established by Ercan Akin in 1994 in Burdur and had gone into operation with manufacturing based on exportation in textile sector. The company exported to Paris, fashion centre of the world, for many years in that sector. Aytas Akin has entered marble sector at the beginning of 2004 by opening its first quarry (Moonstone Cream). It has continued its investments by opening a factory equipped with highest technology machines in 2005. Currently the company is producing blocks, slabs, and cut to size materials from its four different quarries, with eighteen different products.
It has specialized in its field by concentrating on Burdur Beige marble since the day entered to the sector and it has taken place amongst the best companies on regional basis in a short time. Now it is exporting between  80 to 100 containers of finished Burdur Beige per month to nearly 30 different countries


China, India, Saudi Arabia, UAE, South Korea, Israel, Libya, Lebanon, Singapore, Iraq, Japan, Puerto Rico, Egypt, Palestine, Ireland, Brazil, Russia, Chechnya, Azerbaijan, USA, England, Yemen, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, KKTC, Palestine, South Korea, Australia, Ecuador.

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