Burdur Tax Record Holders Announced


Burdur Revenue Office announced the taxpayers who paid the highest level of Income and Corporate Tax in the 2013 taxation period. Accordingly, Aytaş Akın Mermer A.Ş. with 3 million 408 thousand 998 TL tax in Corporate Tax. Businessman Adem Sak from Bucak took first place with 4 million 917 thousand 017 TL in Income Tax. Burdur Treasurer Ramazan Taşaltın declared his earnings in 2013 and said, "I congratulate our taxpayers who pay high taxes."


Akın Hosted Young and Successful Minds

Ercan Akın, Chairman of the Board of Aytaş Akın Marble Factory operating in the 1st Organized Industrial Zone of Burdur, hosted the successful students of the “Ercan Akın Science High School”, which it completed its construction and gave its first graduates this year.


He Spends Foreign Exchange Obtained From Exports in Education

Ercan Akın, who provides foreign currency inflow to our country by exporting processed marble to 20 different countries of the world, especially Saudi Arabia, presented his dollars in cash to his students who showed outstanding success in his school.


B urdurlu Businessman Awarded the Students of his School with Export Currency

One of the biggest exporters of Burdur, marble business man Ercan Akın awarded the first three students of Burdur Ercan Akın Science High School, the winner of the 2014 YGS Burdur province, with foreign currencies obtained from exports.


Marble Residue Turns into Building Material

Burdur businessman Ercan Akın brings the system that will transform marble wastes into building materials to the industrial sector after the R&D studies he has built.


Kanal A Eco Agenda

One of the rare sectors that do not rely on imported inputs is the natural stone sector. Turkey has an important reserve in the world. It is possible to say that Burdur is one of the provinces with a reputation in this field.

Aytaş Akın Mermer

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